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How Does Smoky Quartz Help with Emotional WellBeing?

A smoky quartz chakra healing necklace and matching earrings

To understand how you can work on your emotional well-being, you need to understand what inhibits it in the first place. Namely, baggage; the kind you carry with you in spirit. Unfortunately, letting go of the ghosts of anxieties past isn't easy. That's why at Pirowna, we recommend smoky quartz, perhaps in a pair of our handmade beaded earrings.

Check out our post about lemon quartz chakra healing necklaces to see how gems can act as transmitters for certain energies. True to its cloudy appearance, smoky quartz can help one let go of the need to know or to gain certain things emotionally.

What Does That Mean?

This variety of quartz can pick up low vibrational energies to higher ones. By bringing previously repressed feelings to the forefront of the mind and the spirit, this stone induces a stronger connection with the earth.

By connecting you to the idea of growth while simultaneously spotlighting ideas that you may have struggled to move past, the healing aura can help you process and detox your soul of these burdens.

The Root Chakra

Within us, we have seven chakras. The first chakra, or the root chakra, is linked to trust. Smoky quartz healing earrings will connect directly with this chakra and ground the wearer with a sense of security and stability.

This gem helps you feel safe enough to address things that have been buried for an extended period. By helping you trust your ability to get through those thoughts, your body, mind, and spirit can let go.

So The Stones Will Make Me Feel Safe?

Although it may seem unlikely that handmade beaded necklaces or natural earrings could have more than an aesthetic effect, healing your chakras helps your body. When we hold onto pain emotionally, we also hold onto it in our bodies.

Think about how your back or shoulders might feel achy after a stressful day. Then apply the same logic to the bigger stresses that you are perhaps yet to feel. This mineral composite will help your body and your spirit unpack and remove the stored negativity, leaving you feeling like your mind and body are a well-oiled machine.

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