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How Bead Jewelry Symbolizes Peaceful Coexistence

How Bead Jewelry Symbolizes Peaceful Coexistence

When you’re gazing in the mirror all dressed up, you’re probably focusing on which jewelry would go best with your outfit and what it would say about your style. Maybe some jewelry pieces hold sentimental value for you. While jewelry is an excellent way to adorn your body, that’s not all there is to it. There is significant meaning and symbolism behind various kinds of jewelry.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the history of beaded jewelry and how it symbolizes coexistence.

A History

According to historians, beaded jewelry goes back 4,000 years as ancient artisans first used it to string together many beads to create earrings and necklaces. Over time, the work became more intricate as techniques become more varied. Beaded adornments began to symbolize status, and some beads were known for their religious significance. Let’s take a look at what beads symbolize in different parts of the world.


In Africa, beaded jewelry goes back thousands of years. There are several different uses and meanings. It’s used as a status symbol and is also used to symbolize affiliation with particular tribes. While some people only use beaded jewelry to adorn themselves, for others, it’s more sacred. They use it for currency or in religious ceremonies to mark spirituality.


The Greeks use colorful beads to form worry beads or komboloi. The beads are made from amber or glass, and they fill the strings, which have a tassel on one end and a head bead on the other. It was originally used in prayer. However, since religious symbolism has started to fade, it has become more of a stress reliever and also helps in meditation.