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Personalize Your Jewelry

Want your jewelry to stand out? Add a touch of your personal preferences to it! Here’s how you can buy customized necklaces online:

  • Choose your necklace length: This determines how long you want your necklace to be. You can choose a length between 16-inch and 24-inch.
  • Decide the type of design you want: Necklaces come in several styles, shapes, and designs. You can opt for a bold choker necklace, a classic pendant necklace, a timeless collar necklace, as well as other beaded necklaces. Pick a style that suits you best and that you’re most comfortable wearing!
  • Pick your gemstones: There are so many gemstones to choose from for your custom necklace. Would you like amethyst or agate? Pearls or quartz? Topaz or turquoise? The options are endless! We specialize in jewelry with high-quality natural gemstone and silver beads.
  • Select your preferred color: You don’t want your customized necklace to be a color you don’t like wearing, or one that won’t go well with any of your outfits. Pirowna is the only online bead jewelry store where you can replace beads and create the jewelry of your choice that compliments your personality as well as the ornament design.

Buy customized necklaces online from our store today! We provide free shipping for orders over $50.