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We are Passionate About Bead Jewelry

Beads of various colors from different countries of origin connected by a thread to form a beautiful piece of jewelry very much resonates with our world vision, in which people from all countries and ethnicities live harmoniously, connected by their human elements to make it an amazingly beautiful place. Our name Pirowna [pi-roh-nah] has been coined from the Hindi word pirona, a verb which means - to thread. We thread beads with the aspiration of spreading a common thread of love and harmony among all human beings.

Our Story

We subscribe to the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which celebrates natural beauty with all of its imperfections in the purest form. The natural gemstones we use in our bead jewelry, with their flaws and healing powers, support a colorful, vibrant and spiritual lifestyle. We also believe that everyone's sense of beauty, fashion and style is very personal. Pirowna was born out of the deepest aspiration of its founders to empower every individual to create their unique jewelry expression by enabling complete personalization of each jewelry element

Our Mission

String individual beauty with the thread of love to create the jewelry of harmony

You Create Your Jewelry with Elements of Your Choice

For everyone who believes that their choice of jewelry is a unique and personal expression of beauty, fashion and style, is just the right place to visit. Pirowna is all about crafting the highest quality bead jewelry with the maximum level of personalization in an online boutique environment. Our simple design process enables you to create every piece of jewelry with your choice of elements. You can choose from an exquisite collection of necklace designs, select length, replace jewelry elements to change gemstones and color and add matching accessories. What's most unique is that you see the picture of the jewelry before placing your order so you are confident that this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is a true expression of your most beautiful and unique human element. We source high-quality beads and findings from all around the world and handcraft every piece of jewelry in the USA.