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Lemon Quartz: The Healing Gemstone That Transmits Positive Energy

 A lemon quartz crystal

Quartz crystals are one of the most well-known therapeutic stones available. They are frequently the first option for many therapeutic stones and gemstone jewelry. The reason behind that is that the humble quartz is in tune with all vibrational frequencies. As a result, they align with all of our chakra centers. The transparent and smoky quartz is well-known and easily recognized by most individuals.

Most people are unaware that the quartz family includes numerous members. Citrine, Natural lemon, and amethyst are all forms of quartz with comparable geological features. All of the members of this family possess remarkable therapeutic properties and benefits. Some lesser-known varieties such as tangerine, strawberry, and blue quartz are gaining popularity. However, the lemon quartz is the most valuable of them all.

The Lemon Quartz

It is a yellow gemstone, as its name suggests. The Coyote Stone, Sun Stone, Apricosin, and the Light Stone are other names for this crystal. It’s worth noting that the color of this gemstone isn’t usually lemon yellow. It can span across the hues of yellow and orange. The microscopic amounts of iron oxides and hydroxides found inside the stone’s constitution give it a yellowish color. It’s often used in gemstone jewelry and custom jewelry.