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You Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

You Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

If shopping for friends and family wasn’t stressful enough, we now also have to think about colleagues and work-friends! Sometimes, even bosses! If only corporate gift-giving was a college course that prepared us for the real world.

But don’t despair! We’re sharing some of our favorite tips and advice to help you choose the perfect, most appropriate, befitting presents that you can give to colleagues and workplace friends.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Set an appropriate price range

Even if it's a friend at work, you should be realistic with your budget. Often for formal gift exchanges, there's already a budget that's set, so it could help to work with that. But you don't need to overdo it. It's possible to find a wonderful gift for under $150, $100, or even $50. In fact, many of our earrings fall within that price range.

Having a price limit helps avoid awkwardness and financial strain and gives you a specific amount to aspire toward and plan for.

Keep the gift’s practicality in mind

Gifting someone an extravagant gaming console at work might not be very practical—or appropriate. Think about how useful your chosen present would be to the recipient and how often they’d be able to use it. Something like jewelry is always a practical and easy-to-use investment for your coworkers, especially delicate, unique handcrafted pieces that can be worn on the daily.

Factor in timing and implications

Gift-giving without appropriate reason and cause can get you in trouble professionally and could be misconstrued for ill-intentions. This could be around the time of promotions, appraisals, reviews, or without occasions like birthdays or holidays. If you're friends with your coworker, that's a different case. If not, be mindful of the context.

Focus on the gift’s presentation

Presentation is everything, and you should work to make sure that your gift looks good and remains professionally wrapped and offered. It's important to make sure that wherever you purchase your gift from provides you with appropriate care instructions and packaging.

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