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Why You Need to Start Wearing Crystal Earrings

Why You Need to Start Wearing Crystal Earrings

Accessorizing and adorning your body with jewelry is one of life’s most enjoyable and fulfilling pleasures. If you’re something of a fashionista and have been following the latest trends on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll know that crystals are uber popular these days and have risen to become a billion-dollar industry.

And for good reason. The crystals and gemstones we choose to adorn ourselves with have an impact on the energies that surround us. They aren’t just gorgeous statement pieces or effortless ways to accessorize, they also allow us to tap into the energies they possess to make the life changes we desire for ourselves.

We’ve dedicated this piece to crystal earrings and exploring why you need to start wearing them. So, let’s dive right in.

How the Energies of Crystal Jewelry Work

When you adorn your person with crystals and gemstones, they impact and alter your vibrational frequency and patterns. They dissipate their healing energies through you and make you feel calmer, more relaxed, and upbeat.

However, wearing too much of the same crystal for too long can have a negative impact as well. For instance, wearing a lot of clear quartz, a crystal with one of the highest vibrations, can make you feel on edge, stressed, and frantic. This is why it’s important to pair higher vibration crystal jewelry with those of softer vibrations, like tourmaline or rose quartz, to balance the energies out and let them flow smoothly and naturally.

Crystals to Incorporate in Your Earrings

Here’s a look at some of the healing crystals you should consider for your earrings. Earrings sit close to your upper chakras, so they can have astounding effects on your inner energies.


As a gemstone of peace and tranquility, amethyst earrings help clear your mind, body, and spirit of tension and stress so that you can touch a higher vibrational frequency and achieve inner peace and calm.


By wearing moonstone earrings, you provide your upper chakras a potent source of light and positivity, helping it to raise your energy’s frequency and manifest intentions like you’ve never done before. They are also highly effective in helping you refresh and recharge the intentions you’re currently working on.


Labradorite earrings are excellent at reminding you of your inner strength and resilience because they contain flashes of light. It connects with your upper chakras and helps you realize your true potential.

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