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Which Gemstones Will Suit Your Personality Best?

Which Gemstones Will Suit Your Personality Best?

You’ve probably tried to find out what your birthstone is at some point. Perhaps you’ve even tried to buy a gemstone that fits your birth month. But a lot of people don’t know that precious gems aren’t just restricted to people who were born in a particular month.

Many gemstones—such as topaz, quartz, and more—come with many alluring properties and their own charm. Different stones have different effects on people, and there are so many stones out there that could suit your personality!

Let’s find out what they are:


Aquamarine is a beautiful blue, sparkling, and eye-catching crystalline gem that evokes a sense of coolness and calmness.

Its soothing blue is a delight for the eyes and will suit you if you’re a generally calm person. If you fear that you might lose your calm or your control in situations, keep something made out of aquamarine around to remind you to act otherwise.


Another blue gem, the topaz is darker in hue compared to aquamarine. While aquamarine makes you feel calm and collected, topaz is all about chilly, sharp creativity. It’s a gem that’s loved by artists and creative thinkers.


Agates are unique because no two pieces look the same. Variable and diverse in color and pattern, agates are rather dull compared to the other stones mentioned on this list.

However, they are the perfect partner for a person who wants to make a statement without coming off as someone who is trying too hard. Agate might be low on luster, but its stony strength is visible from its polished surface, and it makes for a great stone for someone who values leadership, courage, and control.


Pearls are different compared to other gemstones on this list because they come from the ocean. They represent the vastness of the ocean, and can symbolize a number of things: harmony, elegance, and perfection, to name a few.

Their perfectly spherical shape, their alabaster hue, and their dim but sure glow can be a powerful statement when worn.


Yet another blue gem on this list, (what can we do? There are simply too many blue gems!) lapis is more celestial in visage than its other azure counterparts.

It gives off spirituality and divine wisdom. When you wear something made of lapis, you feel naturally closer to the many secrets of nature. If you have a spiritual nature and value wisdom, lapis will work wonders for you.

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