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Wear These Gemstones to Channel Your Inner Queen

Be it Mary, Queen of Scots—with her Penicuik jewels—or Egyptian women with their royal beaded necklaces, queens have always been the starting point of fashion trends. And jewelry is often the centerpiece.

Channeling Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is, without a doubt, the most famous English monarch of all time—and we don’t mean the current one. She was the daughter of Henry VIII (yes, the man who had six wives) and Ann Boleyn (yes, the woman who led to the formation of the Church of England), and sister to Queen Mary (yes, the one known as Bloody Mary, who burned some 300 people at the stake).

When Elizabeth ascended the throne, she was a breath of fresh air for the English people. Finally blessed with a Queen who was less concerned about religion and more concerned with building the English Navy, England was mesmerized by its Virgin Queen.

And she was behind many fashion trends, too. The high forehead, the light eyebrows, the white makeup (which eventually led to her death), and… the pearls. Elizabeth loved pearls. She had them in her hair, in her collar, in her sleeves—everywhere.

She was known as the Queen of Pearls, and her famous Ann Boleyn necklace that she wore as a symbol of pride (her father had her mother beheaded on false charges), also contained large pearls.

Now you know what to wear if you want to channel an inner Elizabeth!

Channeling an Indian Empress

You’ve seen photos of the Taj Mahal. You might even have visited this wonder of the world. A Mughal King built it for his Queen, Mumtaz Mehel—an ode to their love and her beauty. Virgin white and timelessly elegant, this mausoleum is testimony to Mumtaz Mehel as she was in life.

It also tells you a lot about the jewels she must have worn: only the most prized and priceless jewels, that is. The Mughals were extravagant and opulent in their jewelry. They loved, in particular, Damascus gold, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

Channeling Cleopatra

Shamelessly whitewashed and the seminal heroine of one of Shakespeare’s finest plays, Cleopatra was an Egyptian beauty. And Egyptian Queens loved gemstones. In particular, they lavished on lapis lazuli, obsidian, and crystals, among others. Quartz, heated and then colored, was also used frequently. These stones were used in amulets, scarabs, beaded necklaces (the Egyptians love those!), elaborate headdresses, and more.

Bonus Option for Your Inner Queen

If you want to break free from tradition, perhaps try going for a simple onyx bracelet—the King of Queen, Freddie Mercury, owned many of those. We bet you didn’t see this one coming!

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