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Turquoise Learning About the December Birthstone

Turquoise Learning About the December Birthstone

When most people think of December, it evokes the heady festivity of the holiday season, the biting chill of winter, and days and nights spent indoors, huddled around the people you love.

Birthstones reflect the aura of the months they’re associated with, and turquoise—the birthstone for December—is no different. It’s known to deepen feelings of love, and wards off elements that could cause a person harm. What’s more, it gives the wearer great foresight—a comforting thing to have as the year ends and a new one begins.

But there’s more to this enigmatic blue-green stone; so, whether you’re looking for custom bead necklaces or birthstone necklace sets for yourself or a loved one, here’s what you need to know:

The Stone of Adventure and Insight for Sagittarius

People who have Sagittarius in their personal placements on their birth charts may feel like they have a special connection to the stone. The natural color represents a mix of the sky and water, which forms a direct connection to the Sagittarian love of travel.

The stone is also essential for Sagittarians, since this fire sign is known for being flighty and impulsive. The calming powers of the stone help regulate the fiery traveler sign and temper their urges to take off, and the history of this stone supports this too.

Turquoise Holds a Special Place in Cosmology and History

Like most languages, the Aztec language—Náhuatl—employed words in a way where they were imbued with multiple meanings. So, it’s telling that the Aztec word for turquoise—xihuitl—was also used to refer to anything that was precious. In particular, it was used to refer to herbs that healed people, comets—markers of good fortune—and the radiance of the sun and moon. See a pattern yet?

Similarly, in Indian histories and culture, Turquoise, or Firoza was used by warriors to keep them perched firmly on their horses as they fought. The stone is a symbol of good luck and energy here as well, along with affluence, hope, and wealth. People regularly use it to bring courage and success into their lives.

The stone is also thought to provide psychic insight, since it relates to the heart, throat and third eye chakra — all of which have to do with understanding and expressing the truth found within ourselves.

Turquoise Has Healing Properties

According to energy healers, turquoise is the ideal stone for healing ailments that emerge from the ears, nose, throat and lungs which makes sense since Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra. Viral infections, difficulty breathing, and other bronchial issues are physical ailments you can target with Turquoise.

Turquoise’s relationship with breathing and the lungs also makes this stone great for helping with panic attacks and symptoms of anxiety. The stone also relates directly to the immune system, which is where its capacity as a strengthening stone comes in.

This is a stone you really want around you to say goodbye to the difficult year 2020 has been and welcome 2021 with the hope that the coming months will be better.

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