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The Ultimate Guide on the Quartz Family

The Ultimate Guide on the Quartz Family

Over the years, the quartz family has been celebrated time and again for its incredible healing properties and spiritual significance. While most people buy quartz jewelry because it stands out, they fail to recognize its benefits for their mind, body, and soul.

To help you get up to speed, we’ve created a guide on the quartz family. We’ll explore the most popular gemstones in the quartz family, and cover their healing powers.

1. Amethyst

As one of the most coveted varieties of quartz, amethyst is a sight for sore eyes. The scintillating purple gemstone is used to create eye-catching beaded crystal necklaces and earrings that pair beautifully with outfits of any color, style, texture, and finishing.

Amethyst is known to protect the wearer from negative energy, and increase creativity. It also promotes intellectual and emotional stimulation.

2. Citrine

While not as popular as amethyst, citrine is a visual tour de force in its own right. The gold-yellow variety of quartz stimulates spiritual healing, inspiration, and self-assurance. It carries the power of the sun, which makes it an effective protector. People who are battling mental health disorders like anxiety or depression are encouraged to wear citrine jewelry to feel more content, relaxed, and at peace.

3. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a brownish grey variety of quartz that’s rapidly gaining traction across the world. It’s known for its strong anchoring, grounding, and healing properties. As a protective crystal, it invites positivity, strength, and emotional calmness into the wearer’s life.

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4. Blue Quartz

If you’re a fan of turquoise jewelry, you’ll fall in love with blue quartz! The deep blue variety of quartz is recognized for its ability to dispel fear and promote certainty. Wearers feel more empowered and notice a significant improvement in their decision-making abilities.

5. Milky Quartz

If you love minimalist jewelry, milky quartz is for you. The smooth, cloudy, and milky stone is a visual feat! And while it looks great, its properties are just as compelling. Milky quartz jewelry purifies negative energy and promotes healing. It’s associated with tranquility, and helps people feel more secure and uplifted.

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