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The Black Agate Stone: Why You Should Wear It

The Black Agate Stone: Why You Should Wear It

The agate stone is categorized as a semi-precious stone, and is also said to be a protective stone. It’s found in eruptive rocks in the form of a tonsil agate in various dark as well as light colors. Black agates in particular are widely used in several types of jewelry and ornaments, and are often incorporated in good luck charms. In fact, many celebrities have donned black agate jewelry as well.

So, why should you wear black agate stone? Let’s look at a few of its properties.  

It Shields You from Negative Energies

As mentioned above, agate stones are said to be protective stones. Black agate stones are used to ward off negative energies and influences, and “cleanse” the aura. If you feel that you’ve been experiencing a lot of negative energy lately or have been getting negative vibes about something, wearing a black agate stone can help you with the introspection process. It’s also said to guard you against the evil eye and malicious whispers, and help purify your own soul.  

It Has Distinct Emotional Benefits

The black agate stone also brings with it a number of emotional benefits. It’s said to induce self-confidence and positive energy, enabling the person who wears it frequently to overcome their fears and get through the obstacles they’re facing.

Wearing the stone regularly helps you keep your composure in aggressive and stressful situations. It eliminates the feelings of arrogance or superiority, replacing them with humility and modesty. The stone is also said to stimulate feelings of courage and determination, helping individuals persevere even under difficult circumstances. Wearing it helps you feel emotionally stable and secure, and balances out the negative forces affecting you.

It Looks Fabulous

If the protective nature of the stone and the emotional benefits it carries aren’t reason enough, then let’s also take into account its sleek and smooth appearance. The black agate stone is incorporated in different jewelry items, be it earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. It may be paired with other gemstones or crystals, or be used as the stand-alone stone.

Ornaments and jewelry items with the black agate stone in it are extremely popular among buyers because of the classy look the stone gives off. Black agate jewelry is commonly bought as gift items for loved ones, and is highly valued all across the world.

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