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Styling Beaded Earrings in Winter

Styling Beaded Earrings in Winter

Have you ever taken a long, hard look at your clothing and accessories choices in winter? The way you dress could be toning down your natural assets during the chilly months — which is almost a crime against nature!

Don’t take a backseat on incorporating jewelry like beaded birthstone earrings or beaded crystal earrings to spice up your outfit this winter. We’ve got the ultimate guide to help you out this year.

Rock Crystal Earrings

These clear quartz beauties are usually one of our hottest sellers in the summer, but it’s not all that hard to style them in the winter as well! Pull out your favorite winter pastel outfit, complete with some neutral boots and a white coat and style these with them. The match will have you looking like an icy queen!

You could also style these with just about any solid colored outfit, since the clear stone and nearly invisible sterling silver are just about the most neutral accessory.

Turquoise Artisan Drop Earrings

These sleek little earrings are excellent for formal and semi-formal events. There’s not much to say about these, except that the turquoise is just drop-dead stunning. The depth of this stone makes it a brilliant pop of color on any plain neutral outfit you have. An all-black sexy bodycon number with these turquoise and bali silver earring adorning your ears? Yes-please!

Alternately, you could pull out a printed shirt or pair of pants that matches these for the ultimate Gen-Z inspired Instagram look.

Twisted Black Agate Earrings

We love an understated accessory! Your jewelry doesn’t always have to be the star of the show, and these earrings exemplify that perfectly. The black agate looks moody and disgruntled, which is such a mood for winter. It works perfectly with your most colorful and edgy winter outfits.

A deep red or green dress for Christmas can work with these amazingly well, since these earrings don’t distract the eye from your stunning figure.

Turquoise Classic Hoop Earrings

Turquoise makes another appearance on this list! These unique handmade beaded earrings are vastly different from the other ones on this list since they use a lighter and more textured variety of turquoise. Add that to the laidback hoop style, and you have a pair that goes perfectly on any casual outfit.

Pair these with some floral pieces and see how well they work to bring up your overall look. These turquoise hoop earrings are also a must-have for younger women who want to make their looks a little more classic.

When you shop with Pirowna, you can be sure that you’re getting authentic stones and high-quality handiwork with when you buy beaded jewelry online. Our handmade beaded necklaces and beaded gemstone earrings are perfect for just about any occasion or outfit.

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