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Spiritual Healing: The Importance of Gemstone Beads in Meditation


here is very little scientific research into the effects of gemstones, with many calling the healing and enlightenment it provides a placebo. On the other hand, due to the stigma attached to it and little research, no authority can dispute what it can achieve either.

While the science to back it up doesn’t exist yet, there is evidence that gemstone beads and crystals have been a major part of spiritual pursuits. It has been used in meditation for a long time.
1. Further Calms the Mind

Meditation has calming properties and is recommended to people to eliminate their stream of jumbled thoughts. It can put someone in a state of deep relaxation and tranquility. That’s why at least 14.2% of adults in the US have practiced meditation at least once. Meditation can be improved using gemstone beads such as Sodalite that create order and calmness in a person’s mind.
2. Improves Communication

Gypsum-based gemstones and crystals can increase your ability to communicate with the higher realm and your inner self. People use meditation as a way to relax or as a hobby, but once, it was used as a way to contain all sacred knowledge. For example, selenite is an enlightening stone beneficial for your crown chakra. It can also be used to bring healing to the mind and body.
3. Alters the State of Consciousness

Balancing your chakras will alter the state of consciousness. The chakras are the energy center of the body. Meditation can actually change the brain by altering our subjective perception and reducing fear and anxiety. Meditating with chakra healing necklaces can reduce the anxiety you might be feeling by creating a more balanced mind.

4. Heals and Balances

Gemstones have healing energy which is why they’re so popular. Stones like amethyst possess a strong healing ability that improves circulation and balances the chakras. Meditation and gemstones can heal and balance the body.

5. Regenerates the Body

Although there’s no scientific evidence to support it, it is believed that gemstone beads can help protect against radiation from electronic devices. Tourmaline protects against negative energies while garnet provides energy and regenerates. A combination of meditation and gemstones can help people recover from a bout of illness.

The Takeaway

Gemstones come in a wide variety and can be placed in their raw form next to you while you meditate or can be worn around your neck. You don’t need an extensive collection to achieve the benefits of gemstone beads. Whatever stone you pick to meditate with, remember to choose it intuitively.

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