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Make Up for Being an Inattentive Partner with These 6 Gift Items

Make Up for Being an Inattentive Partner with These 6 Gift Items

Have you had to cancel too many dates because you were working late? Or maybe you and your partner got into an argument last night?

No matter what the situation is, there’s always a way to fix it!

Here are a few gift ideas to help you get your relationship with her back on track.

Matching Desk Décor

If your partner is upset because you’re always stuck at work meetings, tell them that you’re thinking about them by buying matching desk décor—one for you and one for them. This is a thoughtful way of saying, “Even when we’re apart, I’m thinking of you.”

A Photo Album

Nothing screams, “I care about you, let’s make up”’ like a photo album with a collection of some of your best memories with your partner! Show them that you’re willing to put in the effort by compiling a photo album with pictures of the two of you living your best life with each other.

Something Sweet

Sweets are the ultimate mood lifters and have proven to make people feel better. Whether it’s the most expensive chocolate in the shop or a donut from a bakery on the other side of town, get them something sweet that they like to win them back.


A clichéd classic, flowers are the oldest trick in the book. Grab a bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers on the way home, and it will definitely pave the way for a constructive conversation that can resolve the argument between you two.

Scented Candles

The calm brought about by scented candles can definitely set the mood for a productive conversation that will help you address the issue at hand, resolve it, and help your partner feel better. Grab a bunch of relaxing scented candles and let their aroma give you guys a chance to talk it out.

Buy Her a Set of Exquisite Earrings

Nothing works better than jewelry when it comes to a long-overdue apology. No matter what you’ve been fighting about, a pair of lapis lazuli twist earrings in sapphire blue will definitely help you out.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can even create a customized jewelry set for your partner with beaded gemstones of your choice! Pirowna lets you create personalized jewelry using various gems like agate, pearls, lapis, quartz, moonstone, obsidian, aquamarine, and garnet.

We have a wide collection of exquisite beaded unique handmade earrings and necklace sets. Whether you want to gift a delicate birthstone necklace or turquoise earrings, you can personalize and customize jewelry according to your partner’s preferences with us!

And while you wait for the jewelry items to be delivered, we’ll send you a beautiful gift card with a picture of the customized jewelry you’ve created for your partner, so they know what’s in store for them!

Get started on the apology of the decade with our Customizable jewelry pieces today!