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How to Use Crystal Harmonizers to Stay Aligned and Grounded

big crystal used for enlightening and meditation

10,000 to 50,000 metric tons of gems are mined every year. They’re not just adornments for jewelry either; they have many more capabilities. Crystals come in many shapes and sizes and effectively channel energy to the body. One form that’s more effective than the rest is the crystal harmonizer.

What Are Crystal Harmonizers?

Crystal harmonizers are cylindrical-shaped pillars of energy. They fit in the hand perfectly to provide a tangible and grounded internal foundation. The anchoring effect also aids in visualization that can uplift our surroundings and help achieve inner equilibrium and peace.Equilibrium will bring tranquility to your life and balance your body.Different harmonizers have different energies that fit certain situations. What’ll work best for you depends on your intention and desire.

The Best Crystal Harmonizers

Two of the most recommended crystal harmonizers are Charoite and Selenite. They can help elevate consciousness while also keeping the user centered.

· Selenite – Become Enlightened

We love selenite because not only does it help boost the energy of other crystals, but it’s also a strong purifier of negative energy. Aptly nicknamed the enlightener, it truly does help you see the light. It’s popular because of its many applications. When used with our other recommendations, you’ll find that your psychic energy has increased significantly.

· Charoite – Unlocks Intuition

Charoite is a powerful crystal harmonizer that can boost your inner psychic abilities. In other words, it improves your intuition, and you’ll be able to pick on cues better, see the unseen, and be better at reading the room. If you’re navigating complex emotions or need to make critical decisions, charoite will sharpen your senses, that’ll make recognizing signs and decoding messages easy.

How to Use Crystal Harmonizers

Now that you know what crystal harmonizers are and which ones to get, let’s see how to use them:

· Hold the harmonizers in your hands. It’s best if you have two you can hold in each hand.

· Envision yourself in a serene environment like an area where there’s a mix of white and purple light. Envisioning something light and serene will welcome clarity and confidence.

· Now it’s time to navigate the complexities of your life and the world by elevating yourself to the next generation. You’ll feel your instincts become heightened as you continue to navigate with better insight than ever.

Your understanding of the world and the intentions of the people around you will improve once you start to use crystal harmonizers frequently.