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How Does Amazonite Help Wearers Feel Calm, Healed, and Grounded?


In a fast-paced world like ours, the sense of grounding might almost seem alien to many. To be grounded is when you aren’t caught up in your thoughts and feelings but instead are complexly aware of the physical surroundings you are a part of. Many times, we tend to feel overwhelmed, lost, and all over the place. This is when healing gemstones can help you stay grounded and bring your emotions and thoughts back to Earth. 

Amazonite is known as the “stone of hope” as it inspires people and enhances confidence. Here’s everything you need to know about this powerful stone and how wearing beaded jewelry can help you:

Where Is Amazonite From?

As you can probably tell, the stone is linked to the Amazon River. There is where you’ll find deposits of several natural stones. Amazonite is also found in different countries across the globe including the USA, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Peru, and others.

What are the Virtues of Amazonite?

Wearing gemstone-beaded jewelry can help:

  • Builds Compassion
  • Eliminates Stress
  • Protects against pollution
  • Eases Communication
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Source of Good luck

Amazonite and the Chakras

The human body has 7 chakras each of which is known to influence a specific physical, mental, or even emotional state. Amazonite affects the Heart and Throat chakras, as the gemstone is blue or green in color. This stone influences the way you communicate, your sincerity, truth and also stirs feelings of love and acceptance. With these set in place, you can expect to keep more calm, collected and gain a sense of control of the situation that’s bothering your peace.

Healing Properties of Amazonite

One of the most calming factors of the stone is the color itself. That alluring blue draws people to it and the green hues help the mind maintain balance. It radiates a fresh, cool energy helps in exercising positive energies, and neutralizes any negativity that comes your way. This stone can be helpful when dealing with anger, grounding you. Amazonite is known to promote peace and teaches you to open your mind to new ideas and environments.

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