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Clear Quart vs Lemon Quartz What is Right for Me?

Clear Quart vs Lemon Quartz What is Right for Me?

What Is Quartz?

Quartz is a mineral mined from the Earth's crust — it's generally found in a hexagonal, crystalline form made of the chemical compound silicon dioxide. The word quartz is derived from the Greek word meaning ice. The versatility of this gem allows for it to be carved into several shapes to be used in jewelry; alternatively, it can be carried or placed into houses or workplaces for clarity of mind.

Although the pure quartz occurs as a clear quartz crystal, it occurs in color variations because of impurities — this is how we've come across the lemon quartz or citrine (due to its orange or yellow tones). Many individuals believe that choosing the right stone could potentially strengthen their manifestation practices as it supercharges the stone's energy and surrounds the body with higher vibrations:

The Properties Of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz or the master healer is known to amplify the energy residing within the human body as well as the effect of other crystals worn on the body. It draws negative energy to revitalize the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical planes of life — for example; it can neutralize background radiation by acting as a soul cleanser that reestablishes the connection between the body and mind. Moreover, it facilitates psychic abilities by unlocking memories and aiding concentration. This crystal clear rock quartz cleanses bodies by harmonizing the chakras.

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The Properties Of Lemon Quartz

The lemon quartz is a product of heating amethyst, iron, and yellow quartz at high temperatures to take up a dazzling shape. It's thought to bring about positivity and creativity into the wearer's life as it amplifies the thought process for greater strength, balance, and clarity. Moreover, it's said to enhance communication for reducing anxiety and slashing out any distractions. Nonetheless, its gorgeous crystal-catching light into the facets makes for a stunning piece of jewelry to be adorned by women and men around the world.

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Where To Order Authentic Quartz From?

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