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Buy Exotic Gemstone Necklace Sets Without the Fear of Imitation

Buy Exotic Gemstone Necklace Sets Without the Fear of Imitation

All that glitters isn’t gold; in the same way, all the gemstones you see on those big, beautiful displays aren’t real. It’s also true that even the gem you’ve been sporting on your finger for years, protecting it with your life, could possibly be a fake.

People mistake dupes for the real deal every day, benefitting uncertified and untrustworthy sellers and wasting their hard-earned money.

To protect yourself and your money, it’s important to know the differences between real gemstones and fake ones. If you have no idea how to tell them apart, here are three ways to help you navigate the gemstone market with zero stress and fear.

Try this DIY Test to Tell If the Stone is Real or an Imitation

A synthetic gemstone is created in labs. Synthetic gemstones are generally finer, more polished, lustrous, and have greater shine than real gems.

The first step when trying to tell the difference between real and imitation gems is to make sure there aren’t any inclusions. If they aren’t visible with the naked eye, use a microscope that’s specially designed for gems and look for any cracks, scratches, or black spots inside the gem.

You can also take the stone in question to a gemologist and have it examined professionally.


Know the Shape, Color, and Design of Real Stones

The second step is to make sure that you already know the color, shape, and design of the stone that you are looking for. In modern jewelry design, almost all synthetic gemstones are created and treated to enhance the color and design of the natural ones to make them more eye-catching and pleasing.

The color of real gems will always be a little dull  compared to synthetic gems because they haven’t been created in a lab using synthetic color-enhancing chemicals. Before you go and buy the stones that you are interested in, make sure you educate yourself about what it’s supposed to look and feel like.

Buy Gems from a Credible Seller

Finally, even the most learned people in the gemstone business can sometimes be fooled by an imitation gem. This is why it is necessary to buy your authentic gemstone jewelry from a renowned, reliable, and credible seller.

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