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Benefits of Wearing Thai Silver Beaded Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Thai Silver Beaded Jewelry

Thai silver beads are an impeccable work of art. They’re classic, versatile and make beaded jewelry more attractive. But that’s not all. Silver beaded jewelry also provides plenty of health, environmental, and social benefits you may not know about. Before we take a look at some of them, let’s talk a bit about Thai Silver.

What is Thai Silver?

It’s very similar to sterling silver but has some differences. For starters, it has a higher silver content, which makes it softer and more prone to bending and breaking. Since it doesn’t have an extra protective layer, it is more likely to tarnish, which appeals to many people because it gives the piece a more antique look.

Thai Silver is made by the tribes in Hill Country in Thailand and it involves using centuries-old techniques to create patterns. This makes the jewelry more unique and valuable to collectors.

Benefits of Silver Beaded Jewelry

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Thai Silver Beaded Jewelry

Universally Used

The biggest advantage of using silver beaded jewelry is that people from all walks of life can use it. Beads have been in use for the past 3,500 years and they’ve been used by people from all cultures and civilizations. Not only were they used as jewelry, but they were also used as currency or religious symbols. These days, people all around the world use Thai Silvery jewelry and this helps create harmony.

Protects Your Health

Silver beads can help you protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation emitted from laptops and other smart devices. A property found in silver beads helps interact with the skin’s natural conductivity. This allows it to protect itself from electrical disturbances and helps maintain body temperature. It also boosts immunity and improves blood circulation.

Improves the Body’s Energy

Thai silver beads are common in almost every part of the world. People have been using them to boost their health and spirituality. They’re also used to prevent anxiety and boost positive energies, which help uplift your mood.

Alerts You to Toxicity

Another benefit of beaded silver jewelry is that it can react with other metals in your environment. In this way, it can detect toxic substances and change color thus allowing you to protect yourself from something which is poisonous and should be washed off quickly.

Allows You to Channel Creativity

One of the pros of having Thai silver beaded jewelry is that you are free to customize it according to your requirements. In this way, you can get the jewelry of your choice at a reasonable cost instead of buying jewelry at market price.


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