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Align Your Chakras with Crystals

Align Your Chakras with Crystals

In the new age revival of alternative practices and healing arts; there’s been a renewed interest in things like numerology, tarot, horoscope and crystals. With young practitioners performing these arts with a better understanding of mental health and the connection between mind and body: people have now become much more accepting of them.

One way that alternative crystal healing has worked for some people is to combine an understanding of chakras that emerges from Indian alternative healing with crystal healing. Although chakras are relevant for many other practices, customized chakra healing necklaces and  chakra healing earrings can be said to have an impact on them.

What Do Chakras Have to Do with Crystals

Chakras are essentially wheels of energy located in or associated with different parts of our body that allow the flow of energy and emotion to stay stable. These wheels can get out of balance, which can throw our bodies and experiences off. Chakras affect our spiritual, mental and physical selves, so every aspect of our existence can be out of sync.

Some healers believe that chakras are usually shut down as we grow older due to the way that the outside world works. There is often no space left to allow our chakras to do their work undisturbed.

Each kind of crystal has its own vibrational frequency, just like each chakra. The concept here is that by aligning the right kind of crystal with the chakra you’re working on, you can help heal and open it up. You could also try to maintain a balance between all seven with a handmade chakra beaded necklace and chakra earrings with a range of crystals.

The Best Crystals for Each Chakra

Each chakra has a purpose and a part of the body that coincides with where the chakra exists. Here is a short guide on the kinds of crystals that can heal and balance each chakra.