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3 Gemstones That Help Wearers Feel More Empowered

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Are you tired of ‘going with the flow’? It’s time to take complete charge of your destiny with conscious decision-making regarding your strengthens and weaknesses. Self-empowerment involves taking steps to evolve positively and having the confidence to execute the possible course of action. Lastly, it’s the motivation to achieve goals and learn more in the process.

However, self-empowerment doesn’t have to look the same for everyone. But fortunately, some crystals and gemstones can radiate empowerment to boost just about every wearer’s life experiences. These gemstones match vibes through vibrations that move into feelings that fulfill your life with decisions that are well aligned to the goals you wish to pursue in life. Here are some stones that work:


This gorgeous purple gemstone is perhaps the best at empowerment as it brings strength to its wearer and releases creativity to promote physical and spiritual health. It’s also reported to transmute negativity and stress into a love for calmness that opens your intuitions to newer perceptions and wisdom.


Much like its color, the citrine gemstone is warm, joyful, and bright. It’s a quartz crystal colored in shades of golden and yellow from iron inclusions. It’s otherwise known as a sunny disposition in the form of a gemstone. The happy energies and vibration citrine excretes are felt immediately in terms of self-confidence and well-being. It’s also associated with abundance, beauty, prosperity, and success through an empowering path that moves you forward in life.

Tiger’s Eye

The golden-brown tiger’s eye is a powerful gemstone known to boost enthusiasm, courage, and strength in social situations that may otherwise have felt burdensome. This gemstone is great for calling in happiness by taking full control of your human powers that tap into your inner wisdom with positivity.

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