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Peridot—a Gem that Heals

Peridot—a Gem that Heals

Need a new gemstone in your jewelry collection? Peridot is the perfect stone to add to it!

Peridot belongs to the olivine family, often confused with Emerald because of its green color. However, the green crystal also exists in shades of yellow and blue. Having been used in jewelry and ornaments for hundreds of years, Peridot has earned itself a reputation of being a healing stone, associated with positive energies and spiritual health.

Peridot Affects How You Think

Peridot affects your mind, creating more self-awareness and unleashing an ability to self reflect and think critically. It helps you admit your mistakes, recognize where you went wrong, and forgive yourself. It also helps you view things more critically, allowing you to extend beyond your typical viewpoint and look at things from a different angle. This enables you to think outside the box and channel creativity.

Peridot is also believed to sharpen the mind and improve your level of self-consciousness. People who wear the gemstone are often the ones who usually take accountability for their actions and own up to their mistakes because they tend to have greater clarity.

Peridot Influences How You Feel

Peridot is also said to highly influence how you feel about various things, especially issues that are bothering you. The gemstone dissolves feelings of anger, hurt, and jealousy, and helps inhibit these negative emotions. Instead, it transforms these negative emotions into more positive ones, inducing feelings of compassion, gratitude, and acceptance.

This is quite important for the healing of the heart, and helps you release negative energy from your body. It neutralizes feelings of resentment and bitterness. Peridot stimulates happiness and contentment, which further facilitates one’s healing process.

Peridot Improves Your Physical Health

Peridot also has a detoxifying effect on your physical health. It improves your metabolism and enhances liver functioning. Research has also pointed toward its impact on heart imbalances, unwanted growths, strengthening of the immune system, and digestive disorders.

While more conclusive studies are needed to determine the comeplete effects of the gemstone on physical health, its healing properties are well known and widely sought.

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