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February’s Birthstone: Understanding Amethyst’s Symbolism

February’s Birthstone: Understanding Amethyst’s Symbolism

As February’s birthstone, amethyst is easily the most popular gemstone among Aquarians and Pisceans. However, its popularity also extends to gemstone aficionados and jewelry enthusiasts across the nation.

While amethyst is known for its gorgeous purple color and scintillating finishing, it’s also well-recognized for its symbolism. In this blog, we’ll dig deeper and walk you through the top three symbolic references of the popular healing stone.

1. Purification

Amethyst is symbolic of both internal and external purification. In essence, it purifies the soul (internal purification) and the wearer’s surrounding space (external purification).

If you’ve been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, wearing amethyst jewelry will help detox your mind and spirit, resulting in a powerful emotional catharsis. In addition, if your home has been harboring negative energy, wearing amethyst jewelry will help eliminate stressors and toxins from your external space.

This purification goes a long way in allowing people to gain peace of mind and live more freely, joyously, and uninhibitedly.

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2. Calmness

Amethyst is also symbolic of calmness, which is something that both Aquarians and Pisceans are known for. It is their birthstone after all! As you wear amethyst jewelry, you’ll feel a sense of calmness come over you. This relaxation is vital for people who live stressful lives.

If you struggle to make time for yourself and get a breather, make sure you wear amethyst jewelry to invite calmness, contentedness, serenity, and peace into your life. You’ll feel more composed, and manage to avoid crumbling under the pressure.

3. Stability

If your life lacks stability, structure, cohesiveness, and compartmentalization, amethyst jewelry is for you. The healing stone is very cognizant of disarray, and helps wearers invite stability and direction into their life. If you’ve been struggling to manage multiple tasks and handle your responsibilities in a timely and structured manner, wearing amethyst jewelry will help you feel in control and steer your life in the right direction.

We also recommend getting help from your loved ones to lessen your emotional burden, financial responsibilities, or mental anguish. While you may feel hesitant to ask for help, it can end up helping you turn things around. A little help may be exactly what you need to sort things out, and start afresh with a healthier perspective.

Make sure you wear amethyst jewelry as you navigate these ebbs and flows. The powerful gemstone will make it easier for you to anchor yourself, and keep going.

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