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Chakra Necklace – What You Need to Know

Lemon Quartz, Seraphinite & Bali Silver natural necklace

Necklaces are perfect for self-adornment, but what if we told you that they could also heal you? Chakra beaded necklaces can! They directly correspond to the energy within our body. If you’re interested in achieving an inner balance with nature, come learn about chakra necklaces.

We’re an online boutique store dedicated to providing you with genuine natural gemstones and crystals so you can embrace inner peace and tranquility.

What is Chakra?

Before you learn about a chakra necklace, you need to know about chakra. If you’re a yogi, you already know the concept. But if you aren’t, we’ve got your back. Chakras are portals or energy centers in our body that regulate the energy flow.

Chakra means wheel or vortex in Sanskrit. The concept was first introduced in Hindu texts to explain that each person has a unique aura. Any blockage and disturbance cause physical and emotional problems.

Although the beliefs about chakras may be different in many cultures, everyone agrees on the number of chakras: seven. These 7 chakras run through the base of the spine to the crown of our head.

What Makes Necklaces Chakra Worth It?

Each chakra relates to color, and a chakra necklace consists of different gemstones that represent each color. The crystal structure of gemstones is unique and believed to have healing power. They produce vibration or current to balance and realign energy flow through chakras.

A Chakra necklace can contain any type and number of gems in any color. However, a typical chakra necklace has 7 pieces to represent 7 chakras:

1. Citrine Gem

Citrine is known as a sunshine gem that boosts self-esteem and mental clarity.

2. Red Tiger’s Eye

A red tiger’s eye can keep you focused and well-grounded.

3. Carnelian Gem

Carnelian is a reddish-orange stone that can enrich zest for life and improve emotional wellbeing.

4. Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal purifies thoughts, creates closeness with the inner spiritual self, and boosts wisdom.

5. Sodalite Gem

Sodalite is believed to strengthen inner healing and the power of speech.

6. Green Jasper

This gem brings harmony, improves the sense of wellbeing, and cleanses energy.

7. Amethyst Gem

Amethyst corresponds to dreams. It heightens imagination and the power of intuition.

However, chakra necklaces don’t always contain actual gems. Telling apart fake from original is hard with everyone claiming to sell original gemstones.

How Does Chakra Necklace Work?

If you want to strengthen one chakra, you can wear a necklace with a single gemstone. For instance, heart chakra corresponds to muscle tension, high blood pressure, and asthma. You can balance and strengthen the heart chakra with green color. If you’re struggling with high blood pressure, asthma, or muscle tension, wear jade or emerald stone to strengthen this chakra.

Likewise, the root is linked with the adrenal gland, and you can balance it with flame agate, ruby, or red jasper. The brow chakra is linked with the pituitary gland that you can balance with lapis lazuli or azurite stones.

If you choose to buy an all-chakra necklace, it’ll typically contain seven-colored gemstones, including red, blue, orange, indigo, yellow, and green stones. These stones represent the spleen, brow, root, solar plexus, throat, and heart.

You can buy a chakra beaded necklace at our store. At Pirowna, we focus on original sourcing gemstones to build your trust in us. Our goal is to encourage more people to customize jewelry and achieve spiritual balance through natural necklaces. Contact us today to buy yours!