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Amethyst With Citrine Earrings
Amethyst With Citrine Earrings

Amethyst & Citrine Earrings


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These beaded gemstone earrings can be treasured as family birthstone earrings as it’s perfectly suited for both November and February born. Amethyst is an all-healer stone dissolving negativity and attracting positive energies. Citrine on the other hand is a stone of light and happiness. Combined these stones work as power-packed set of earrings. Buy our unique crystal earrings online with amethyst and citrine to wear that stunning and elegant look everywhere.

Amethyst: 15x11x6.5mm

Birthstone: February

Citrine: 10x6mm

Birthstone: November

Sterling Silver Ear Hook Drop: 20mm

Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver

All measurements approximate

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Semiprecious gemstone beads exhibit natural variation in color

Amethyst: A natural stress reliever, promotes spiritual growth, dissolves negativity and attracts positive energy. 

Citrine: Stone of light and happiness, promotes success, abundance, and clear thinking.


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